In Real Estate Marketing, Video Content is King.

Earlier this summer, we had the pleasure of attending international real estate businessman, best selling author, speaker and social media marketing expert Tony Giordano’s RISE workshop, hosted by several Keller Williams teams in the Asheville area. Tony shared tips on how to build a social media presence to generate leads, build relationships and create brand awareness. One common denominator in the discussion of real estate marketing and brand development: VIDEO.

Why is video marketing so important? According to Tony, social marketing platforms push video higher than all other content in the news feeds. This means your listings -and you -are more likely to get seen and heard by more people with a broader reach when you market with video than with print or photo content alone.Video captures attention, conveys more information in less time, builds trust and emotional connection, and now we know, is being prioritized by the social networks.

At Ever Open House, we’re keeping up with the trends by offering interior, exterior and aerial videography to tell the story about your listing. Our team has extensive hours in film production on the ground and aerial capture in the sky to help expand the audience of your real estate business. Check out our latest videos above and on our YouTube channel and let us know how we can help you.