Capture the Attention of Home Buyers Online – A Growing Trend in Real Estate Shopping

Buyers are now looking to online real estate marketplaces as the first place to shop for their next home, both in their own community and across the world. In 2018, 1 out of 3 home buyers reported making an offer on a home they had never seen in person. In fact, 41% of millennial buyers made an offer on a home they didn’t see in person, and we can expect this number to grow.

What does the growing trend of online shopping mean for listing agents? With home buyers increasingly depending on the information available online to make a decision about which home is right for them, you want to captivate this growing market by providing as much information as possible to make your listing stand out. Photos alone aren’t enough: video and 3D tours are key to standing out.

When you offer an immersive 3D tour of your listing, it immediately stands out in comparison to ones with photos alone. A virtual tour engages potential buyers to with the model of your home, which means their eyes are on your listing for longer amounts of time, viewing every room from multiple angles and perspectives.

Here’s where it really gets fun. Research has shown immersive experiences (like 3D virtual tours) are magnitudes more effective in forming an emotional connection with a place, fostering memory recall and brand recognition.* People who remember and feel favorably towards a person or place they’ve seen in a 360 environment are more likely to take action and schedule a showing or even make an offer!

Virtual tours are a highly effective strategy to capture the attention of homebuyers that are moving online to shop. Ever Open House offers packages starting at $200 that include virtual tours AND 75-100 edited HDR photos to make choosing a virtual tour/photo package for every listing a no-brainer. Our goal to make sure you get the most out of your marketing budget so your listings move to closings quickly.

Graphic Source: Inman, 6/18, Study by Redfin – 3350 respondents in 11 cities
*Source: “Virtual Reality, Brand Immersion and the Power of Making Memories” Business Insider